I believe that a good teacher needs to demonstrate the mastery of three general skills, which are preparing learning-centered syllabus, creating effective learning experience, and assessing student learning progress. It is an iterative to master these skills.

At Cornell, I will teach Introduction to Data Science with R (GDEV 4290/5290) in Spring 2022, and Environment and Development (GDEV 2XXX) and Special Topics in Global Development (GDEV 4940/6940) in Fall 2023. Please email me for a copy of syllabus if interested.

Introduction to Data Science with R (GDEV 4290/5290)

Course description: This course gives students an opportunity to use the public domain and free software R to perform basic quantitative analysis. The R language provides a rich environment for working with data, especially for statistical modeling and graphics. In this course we will cover data import and management, basic functions, plotting tools, loops and functions, basic linear models, and various graphing tools. Students will identify appropriate methods for data manipulation, visualization, and analysis using the R environment. This is a hands-on, project-based course to enable students to develop skills and solve statistical problems with their own datasets of interest using R.

Learning objectives: 1) to manage datasets and manipulate variables; 2) to apply basic functions for summary statistics and other computation; 3) to use various plotting and graphing tools, as well as more advanced packages, for data visualization and analysis; 4) to develop basic functions and loops to improve computing efficiency; 5) to perform basic statistical analysis; and 6) to visualize data elegantly.